c o n t r a d i c t i o n s everywhere

Budapest Public Transport Traffic Control Centre

Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 2.

It’s so ugly, that you almost find it alluring – the Budapest Public Transport Traffic Control Centre from the 70’s.

My friend used to call it ugly when we passed this building on our way to the library, and 10 years ago more or less I agreed with him. But now I think, the only ugly thing about it is the deteriorating state of the concrete panels of the facade.

So what makes this building so unique and even lovable? Firstly: the details. The round chrome decorating panels of the footing are still in a good shape, and works as a thousand funny mirrors too, and hide semi-secret doors too.

Secondly: c o n t r a d i c t i o n s everywhere: the heavy, morose and grey concrete versus the shiny, futuristic details, brutalism vs 70’s postmodern vibe, black stone slabs vs light chrome panels.

Its looks like a brutalist, but dressed up in some futuristic 70’s postmodern boots and accessories.

Thirdly: yes, every wannabe architectural photographer’s must have theme – the concave shape of the Üllői street facade. But what’s behind it?

Actually according the first plan, when they build the metro line 3, they needed a HQ for the transport and power control close the Kálvin square, but along the planning decided to build a center for more complex functions. So inside of the Üllői side of the building there are the metro lines related stuffs (power inverter, dispatcher rooms and systems) and at the other side – facing to the Baross street – you can find the all he organizations managing and controlling the public transportation’s traffic above of the ground, as I read at the @lechner_tudaskozpont.

And who was the architect? János Dianóczky designed may transport related buildings across the country. My personal favorite is the waiting hall for the Szántód ferry at lake Balaton (1963). But the bus station in Eger, and train station in Győr are also his works.

BKV Forgalmi Irányító Központja /Budapest Public Transport Traffic Control Centre

1088 Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 2.

Built in: 1973-76

Architects: János Dianóczky (UVATERV)

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Architecture of the socialist era in Budapest (1948-1989)

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