My first memory about late-modern architecture of Budapest?

It’s among my earliest pictures I can recall – the above-ground “cubist” walls of the reservoir in the Gellért Hill by József Gruber. It was next to my favourite playground, so we passed by every day. And the grunts of my grandfather – he hated the Interconti (Duna Intercontinental, now Mariott by József Finta) so I heard it so many times how disgusting is this building. Oh, and the Elisabeth Bridge, we lived really close to it in the Pest side, and the whole family loved it, I inherited the whole dia series about the construction. But probably the most important one, where I had the best first-hand experience – my kindergarten was designed by Margit Pázmándi in the Buda hills. It was demolished a few years ago, buat I still remember the concrete walls next to the main gate and the amazing rotating window/door construction, where I always tried to sneak outside during the obligatory afternoon sleeping period.

Why now?

As so many important and fascinating building from the socialist era (and my childhood) started to “disappear” I felt a pang of sadness and regret, that I didn’t noticed them earlier. So the last years I took my camera, and started to walk in the city to hunt them down and I will try to show how amazing could they be.

About me:

I’m not an architect – I have a Master Degree from History, the past 3 years I mostly worked as a journalist from Budapest, and now I work for the City Hall. I was born and raised in this city, and I think it’s obvious, that I adore it.