brutal dreams may come

Hungarian Industrial Association HQ

Budapest, Thököly út 58-60.

One of the few brutalist-like building in Budapest with a polite raw concrete facade and amazing details inside. 

When people says, they hate socmodern/latemodern buildings, usually they have a problem with their run-down state, or the more conservative ones criticize how the “socialist” buildings and architects were competing with previous era’s heritage – they wanted to build a higher concrete tower than the church’s tower, or dominate the city-scape. And yes, sometimes they are right, in the name of the new regime they felt necessary to overpower the „old bourgeois” past – but for all the critics and haters its time to show them this gentle concrete monstre

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13 stories of concrete

Research Building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Budapest, Budaörsi út 45,

I saw this building soooo many times– on our way to lake Balaton or going to some high school or uni party in the suburbs, but always from the car, or trough the windows of the buses. So it was really time to go there on foot…

And oh my, it’s really a noisy neighbourhood, thanks to the highway-like Budaörsi út– and the building, erected in the 70’s I guess don’t have a soundproof windows, so I can’t really imagine to do any kind of research here… But, back to the beginning. As I said, it was finished in 1975

– the seventies was the golden age of the high-rise buildings not only in Budapest, but all over the country.

It was more of a matter of prestige, not really necessity to build them, but the architects and the urbanists were mesmerized by the modern urban plannings trends.

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c o n t r a d i c t i o n s everywhere

Budapest Public Transport Traffic Control Centre

Budapest, Szabó Ervin tér 2.

It’s so ugly, that you almost find it alluring – the Budapest Public Transport Traffic Control Centre from the 70’s.

My friend used to call it ugly when we passed this building on our way to the library, and 10 years ago more or less I agreed with him. But now I think, the only ugly thing about it is the deteriorating state of the concrete panels of the facade.

So what makes this building so unique and even lovable? Firstly: the details. The round chrome decorating panels of the footing are still in a good shape, and works as a thousand funny mirrors too, and hide semi-secret doors too.

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